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  • We will return our customers with zealous service attitude, high quality products and favorable price. We have been accumulating, perfecting, developing and expanding constantly. We have huge chromium carbide hard faced plate steel products stock. We have won the trust and support of our customers with high-quality service and excellent product quality. The company adheres to the development concept of honesty and win-win cooperation. We are willing to form an alliance with like-minded partners to work together for development and common progress.

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WearPro - Steel Plate Fabrication for Mining Industry

Vidaplate chromium carbide overlay plate can significantly cut down wear problems. It consists of fine grain carbides on a mild steel backing plate and offers excellent cost effectiveness. Vidaplate has been shown to outlast mild steel 12 times and AR plate up to 5 times in the most highly abrasive areas. Wear Services, Inc Wear Services is an original manufacture of hard faced pipe. We start with prime pipe in schedule 40 or schedule 80, then we apply a solid welded surface to the inside of the pipe in a continuous spiral. The results are a premium Chrome Carbide Wear pipe. Available in sizes from 4" to 36" and lengths up to 10'0". Wear Liners and Overlay Plate - Hard Chromium Carbide Wear chromium carbide hard faced plate RPM overlay plate and wear liners are manufactured from our special MK chrome carbide material. The chromium carbide wear surface is welded to a mild steel substrate. Its primary purpose of the overlay is to protect the surface it is welded to from damaging wear and tear.

Wear plate, chromium carbide M3.2 Smooth - Hardface

The plate is welded with one or more layers of chromium carbide, which gives an extremely hard and durable abrasion resistant surface with extended service life. The plate can be easily cut with, for example, laser, water or plasma cutting and by rolling, it can be formed into pipes and other constructions. Wear Plate | Welding Overlay | Hardfacing | HP Plate HP Plate is the best in the market, not only because we have been in business for 30 years, but also because the Chromium Carbide Alloy (Flux Cored Wire) we have been using is from Germany's Vautid GmbH, the inventor and pioneer of wear-resistant technology. And we are the leading manufacturer in the world authorized to implement Vautid. Super Clad Plate - Chromium Carbide Plate | Ford Steel When plates larger than 4 sq. ft. will be exposed to high impact, plug weld the central area of plates to prevent fatigue caused by micro environments. For hardfacing over low hydrogen welds, we recommend two passes with 26% to 30% chromium content welding electrode.

SA1750CR Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate | Chromium Carbide chromium carbide hard faced plate

SA1750CR is a Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate consisting of a Hypereutectic Matrix with at least 50-60% Chromium Carbides metallurgically fused to an appropriate steel substrate. This large amount of hard chromium carbides allows SA1750CR to thrive in environments of extremely high abrasion. Resistance to Strong Impact Abrasive Wear Plate Resistance to Strong Impact Abrasive Wear Plate. Anti Strong Impact Abrasive Wear Plate is a wear-resistant fused alloy steel plate manufactured by Shenyang HARD. It is a smooth, chromium carbide rich overlay plate manufactured by a patented production process maximizing abrasion resistance and reducing hang up. Related searches chromium carbide hard faced plate

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Indutech Canada LP | INDULay

Indutech Canada is a privately owned Canadian engineering company with our headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Indutech has been serving the bulk handling market with our Abrasion Resistant steel piping products and the oil and gas market with our Induction and cold bending equipment for 15 years. Hardfacing, Chrome carbide, Overlay, Wear plates, or Chrome chromium carbide hard faced plate However, within the chrome carbide hardfaced plate industry entry barriers are lower and with that come a wide range of quality available but the same product can be called a range of different names by each supplier including: Chrome Carbide Hardfaced Plate; Chromium Carbide Hardfaced Plate; Hardfaced Plate; Overlay Plate; Wear Plate Hardface Technologies: Home Postalloy 299-MCO is an extremely hard tungsten carbide hardfacing wire and is ideal for extreme earth abrasion applications . Postalloy 2834-MCO chromium carbide hardfacing is specially formulated for applications with high abrasion and moderate impact.

China Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate,Chromium Carbide chromium carbide hard faced plate

SHENYANG HARD WELDING SURFACE ENGINEERING CO.,LTD have been specialized in Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate manufacture for many years. Our main products are various kinds of Chromium Carbide Overlay Pipe,Abrasion Resistant Wear Fabrications Also including Flux Core Arc Wire, etc. Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Installing Chrome Carbide Wear Plate chromium carbide hard faced plate The mild steel backing plate for the CCO deposit is not hard and wears away rapidly. The Chrome Carbide Overlay is there only for wear resistance. This means the overlay has no structural integrity by itself. That is the overlays only job. When the softer mild steel base plate has worn away, there is no support for the overlay. Anti Strong Impact Abrasive Wear Plate | WALDUN The chrome carbides serve the same purpose, providing an ultra hard microstructure that resists wear longer than the alloy steel around them. *WED400 (Resistance to strong impact abrasive wear) WED400 hard-faced wear-resistant steel plate is suitable for the working condition of high stress and strong impact abrasive wear.

Anti Medium Impact Chromium Carbide Plate | WALDUN

Anti Medium Impact Chromium Carbide Plate The alloy wear-resisting layer and the basic plate is metallurgical combination, which is strongly combined and cannot fall off. Under special technique, the surface of plate formed a directional grown eutectic structure, which make the wear resistance of hard-faced Wear Resistant Steel Plate reached 14 chromium carbide hard faced plate Alloy Steel International - Wear Plate Solutions by Alloy Steel Arcoplate consists of a dense, chromium-carbide rich alloy overlay that is fused onto a mild steel base plate. Arcoplate is oered in a range of thicknesses to meet various material handling applications. The range starts with the 4/7 (4mm alloy on 7mm base plate) for applications where liner weight reduction is important. Alabama Hard Surfacing, Inc. - Hard Plate Birmingham, AL Our Super Wear hardened plate is flat & straight, easy to work with. Just a few years after our founding, in 1977, we pioneered a new kind of chromium carbide plate. Our unique process of fabricating with chromium carbide overlay plate enables our parts, such as chute or side liners, to be fabricated in various thicknesses.

The cold working performance of chromium carbide hard faced plate and so on steel structure engineering steel is good, which can ensure that the steel will not crack or brittle fracture during high-temperature processing, and will not have a great impact on strength, plasticity and toughness due to processing. The durability of chromium carbide hard faced plate and so on steel structure engineering steel is good. Durability refers to the service life of steel structure. The main factor affecting the service life of steel is the poor corrosion resistance of steel, followed by the deterioration of mechanical properties of steel under long-term load, repeated load and dynamic load.

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