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  • The company has created a group of professional staff with good market awareness and service spirit. More than 90% of the company's employees have college education and more than 3 years of work experience in the industry. Our company has a group of senior professionals engaged in international cargo transportation. Through the implementation of modern centralized control management of the empire glassworks whole system computer network, we can effectively control and guarantee the daily operation of the empire glassworks. The company is dedicated to provide customers with safe, convenient, economic and thoughtful freight service. The company has always followed the principle of "people-oriented", and created a group of professional staff with good market awareness and service spirit.

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Empire Glassworks | Legendary Glass Pipes SmokeSmith Gear Empire Glassworks, a California-based glass manufacturer, allows you to do just that with their insane collection of whimsical and pop-culture inspired glass piece, all hand crafted right here in the USA. Empire Glassworks all about providing unique handcrafted bongs, bubblers, hand pipes and glass accessories that take smokers to another world empire glassworks Empire Glassworks Badass Glass Empire Glassworks is a glass company based out of Anaheim, California. They are known for their amazing themed dab rigs that are a real eye catcher. They also produce many glass pipes that are inspired by animals and popular characters. Empire Glassworks dab rig bongs are not only beautiful but functional as well.

Empire Glassworks - Pop-Culture Inspired Bongs & Wax Rigs

Empire Glassworks is a California glass brand dedicated to careful detailed color working and high-quality filtration. With their pop-culture inspiration, they are one of the most popular vendors on Smoke Cartel. Empire Glassworks - Everything For 420 Empire Glassworks Each piece is crafted by highly skilled glassblowers, comes out uniquely individual and is a great addition to your collection. Weve curated a delightful collection of goodies including 4 inches straws, 14mm male jointed bowls and Empire Glass pipes. Empire Glassworks - Brothers with Glass Empire Glassworks hails out of Anaheim, California and is rumored to at one time be involved with Disneys earlier glass figurine production, which explains this studios small sculptures and themes that their glassblowers have been trained to make exceptionally well!

Empire Glassworks Highlife

The AquaBottle Bong and Dab Rig from Empire Glassworks is the latest in their line of pop culture creations for smokers and glass enthusiasts. Quench your thirst for both dry herbs and flower thanks to the excellent dual function, but definitely don't drink the water afterwords!

Weathering steel plate empire glassworks for welding structure is made by adding chromium, molybdenum, titanium, vanadium and other metal materials into common steel liquid. Adding these materials can form a protective film on the surface, which can resist the corrosion of climate for a long time. Advantages: this kind of steel plate empire glassworks has excellent welding performance and weather resistance, and is widely used in railway, bridge and other areas requiring long-term exposure to the atmosphere.

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